Thursday, March 17, 2011

What happens backstage...doesn't always stay backstage

Ugly Dance Party 1

Ugly Dance Party 2

Have you ever wondered what goes on backstage during a show??? What are those actors up to while you, the patron are out in the lobby grabbing snacks, visiting the lou, or striking up conversation about your feelings toward the show? Well, today is your lucky day! I bring you an up close and personal look into the GREEN ROOM dun, dun, DUN! Some activities these Hairspray actors participate in:

  • Ugly dance competition
  • guitar playing
  • casual conversation
  • eating
  • taking pictures
  • knitting
  • And generally, just having a grand ol' time

The Green Room is a blast, so is the dressing room, although I don't bring you footage of that. I know, I know....sorry boys! Half the fun of theatre is hanging with all these great people. I miss my cast from the 'Spray!