Monday, March 7, 2011

Pictures from the 'Spray!

Just in case you missed this fabulous show, here are some pictures of my favorite moments from "Hairspray." We have one week left, and I am sure going to miss it! Seriously, it has been such a joy to work with these people on such a fun show. Usually when I close a show I'm ready for a break, but I'm ready to jump right into another. Too bad my France Trip is in the way of doing a spring show. For some reason directors don't like a two week block in your conflicts, go figure. (I know, wah wah, poor me, I have to go to France for two whole weeks!) I do however have plans for shows I want to do when we get back, and I trying to get ol' Porter to dust off his dancin shoes and audition with me.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

"Nicest Kids in Town"

" Mama I'm a Big Girl Now!"

"I gotta get out of this big doll House!"

"She's got cooties!"
(And I love the boys being cootie bugs on the sides)

"Let's stamp them out!"

"You Can't Stop the Beat!"


  1. hmmm...looks like you are missing a leg in the second last picture. It was great getting to see you in HS Erin! Have a blasty blast in France.

  2. Love it and you....I will be sad when the show is over and I don't get to see everyone.

  3. So much fun. Thanks for being a fabulous bratty daughter....and thanks for the hats... Laila loves hers!!!

  4. Ha ha! I am missing a leg! Thanks for coming to the show!!! And Jen....I will miss it and you so much too, what a fun show!!! (you should do more of them ;) And Melinda, what can I say, like mother like daughter! You were such a deliciously wicked Velma! I loved every minute! I'm so glad she likes her hat :) I know I LOVE mine!