Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The Nemesis
This plant has been in our garden since we moved here. It grows uncontrollably. It has big, nasty thorns that always stick me. If it had beautiful flowers I might reconsider annihilating it, but it's flowers are just little white things. Definitely not worth inch long thorns. So I decided it was time to take it out. Also, it's in the way of my big garden project. So I began my battle.
My weapons!
I chopped all the branched off, then I began to dig at the root. I dug all around one. Then I started wedging the shovel under it. Just when I thought the plant was ready to be ripped from the earth, I heard a sickening "CRACK!"

Casualties of War

I broke my first shovel. The roots were too strong. I was very mad, but felt kind of powerful. It's not everyday I use my brute strength to break tools of war. So the bush has won for now. But I have plans that involved heavy duty clippers and very strong weed killer. So, until next we meet again, nasty thorn bush.

In other garden news: Porter and I are building brand new garden boxes that are going to be bigger and nicer than the old ones. I'm very excited! More pics to come when it's closer to completion.

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  1. WOAH...I am totally impressed that you garden. That is not a talent I have even a little bit.