Thursday, March 1, 2012


 This past weekend we went up to Logan for a day trip to visit our good friends Kim and Matt.  Kim and I have been friends since we were 5 years old in modern dance together.  Throughout our lives I feel like our seeing each other goes in waves.  Sometimes we see each other all the time, then life gets in the way and we go months without playing.  This is why we went to Logan.  Because I refuse to let some mountains and a long stretch of freeway come between me and one of my best friends.

I have had this visit on the calendar for month.  I was sooo excited!  We got up super early on Saturday and drove up.  First we stopped and had crepes with Porter's Dad and Grandpa since they live up there too.  Then we headed over to meet Kim and Matt.  We chilled for a bit then hit up the DI up there.  There was a beautiful bed spread there that I wanted really bad, but Porter wasn't convinced that it was worth redoing the color scheme in our room for.  So, alas, I left it there.  

Kim is going to Florida for 2 weeks, I know, lucky right?!  So she and I headed to the spa for her to get her first ever bikini wax.  The last time we tried waxing was in junior high for a dance.  She had bought some NADS, which was green gloopy gel that you smeared on your skin, put a little cloth on and ripped off.  It was supposed to be waxing without the hot wax.  Well, we put it on her upper lip, waited then ripped.  The good news was that it pulled the hair off.  Bad news, her skin came with it!!!  There was blood coming from all the little follicles and from the lack of skin.  It was so sad and funny at the same time.  Anyway, she was a little nervous.  I don't blame her!  I was having a manicure and scalp massage so there was no fussing on this end.  When she was done, I asked how it was.  Mind you, the waxing lady was still in the room, she said 'it was great!  Really great.'  As soon as the waxing lady left, it was a totally different story, she was like 'ouch! that hurt like a mother!'  Hahahaha!  Ah well, she will have a great time in her bikini on the warm sandy beaches.

Later we went for nummy Indian Food.  I had never had Indian before, so I was quite excited.  This is us before heading in.

This is some of our sampler plate.  And later we got a curry of some kind.  Matt ordered a Vindaloos, which is one of the spiciest curries.  I am proud to say I tried it, and actually like it.
 This is after our feast, we ate so much our guts were hanging out!
Afterwards we went to a cheese factory and grabbed some cheese and flavored milk.  We brought home cookies and creme milk, strawberry, mango and root beer milk.  All are pretty good but root beer is my favorite!  It tastes like a root beer float in your milk!  To end our trip we grabbed gelato.  Kim and I wanted to show you our favorite flavors.  Mine was the mama mia, vanilla, chocolate and cherry.  I miss Kim, but I love the time and silliness that we get to share!

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