Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pole Dancing is fitness???

 I have started a new hobby, pole fitness.  Yes, it is pole dancing in a pole gym, and Yes, it is AWESOME!  It is actually very athletic and takes a ton of strength and coordination.  Some people are actually lobbying to make it an Olympic event, think gymnastics on a pole.  At my gym, La Bombe, there are 2 rooms with 6 poles in each room.  There are no boys.  There are mirrors on all the room so you can watch your form, and the best part...mood lighting!  Colored lights make you feel like a rock star.

I've been going for 3 weeks.  It is hard work.  A lot of pole is lifting your body or supporting yourself in some way.  I've been doing a bunch of sad, sad pull ups.  I am such a weakling!  However, I have gotten a little stronger, I'm hoping to get to be able to pull myself high enough to invert (go upside down) on the pole in a few months.  I have also been working on spins, which are my favorite thing ever!  I love the sundial spin, the fireman spin, and the ice skater spin.  In my pictures you can see I am not very high on the pole, but hopefully my that will get better.

 Sundial or stag spin
Backwards herkie
What I will look like someday!!!

If you want to go with me, let me know!  It's so much fun, and a great work out.  I have also told Porter I want to put a pole in the living room so I can practice and build strength.  He was like "do people do that?!."  Actually, you can buy a pole for $350, and you can move them if you need too.  Now if only I could find a place for it in our little house.  Hurray for pole!!!

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