Sunday, May 27, 2012

The man that was, but was not....

 While cleaning out our garage today we encountered a box.  It was slightly ajar, and had some scribbly writing on it that said, "Basement: Porter's things."  So, of course we had to investigate.  There were a ton of little knick-knacks from Porter's childhood.  Some of the highlights were: a comb that had a knife hidden in the handle, some juggling balls, real silver 'silver dollars,' pictures of old girlfriends (that was fun!), a saxophone, and this little gem that I'm going to share with you today.  It is a fully illustrated story from when he was in Kindergarten.  Aww, so sweet, right?  Just wait till you hear the story.  

"The Land of Never Never"
(p.s. this is a picture of a vampire turning into a bat)

Once upon a time in the land of Never Never there was a vampire who was, but was not.  And he killed all the babies who were but were not.  

Then one day a man who was, but was not said....'what are you doing here?'  Then the vampire killed him!

 Then he left.  Then one day he was asleep.  Then there was another man who was, but was not.
He had a gun, a very strong gun.  Then he shot the vampire who was, but was not.  Then he left.
 The End

Quite the little gem, right?  I laughed quite hysterically for about 5 minutes after reading this, especially because Porter kept saying how proud he was of his younger self for being so meta with the 'was, but was not,' thing.  I guess my husband has a hidden talent for an author he was, but was not!  (and now I'm giggling again!)  Have a great Memorial Day!!!

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