Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Art Wall

While driving around a few weeks ago I took a different route.  As I was driving a big old wall of color caught my attention.  I actually almost went into another lane because I was so distracted by this beautiful wall of art.  I quickly flipped around to go take a second look.  It was gorgeous!!!  All of these famous paintings on one wall, I was in heaven, and of course starting plotting, I mean planning my photo shoot.  Porter was actually excited about this one.  Usually when I say photo shoot he cringes a little, but I do believe he truly enjoyed this one.  The wall is titled 'Step in to Art.'  
It looks like all these people painted this as a community project.  I am so happy they did, it is amazing!  If you are in South Salt Lake you should check it out.  I believe it's on West Temple.
 We had a blast taking pictures, hope you have fun looking!

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