Monday, May 28, 2012

Pizza, Pigs, and Plans going Awry

I am always so excited for holiday weekends.  They mean sleeping in, eating yummy food, playing games, hanging with friends, getting projects done around the house, having your car break down, ....... wait, what?!  That was not on the plan!  Unfortunately, on the freeway last night my car bit the dust.  We don't even really know what happened to it yet, but thank goodness we have AAA.  We got a tow home, now just we're trying to figure out what is next.  I hate car problems, they put such a cramp in my style!  Thank goodness for awesome friends, though.  Brendan and Tiffany, who had just flown in from their own weekend fun, went and got some pizzas for us.  We spent the night hanging out laughing and playing pass the pigs.  It turned that awful night in to such a fun time.  Hurray for friends!!!  Now hopefully my brother and dad can figure out what's going on with my little subby (this is what I call my Subaru Legacy, Porter told me I should clarify).  Happy Monday Everyone!

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