Monday, May 14, 2012

Kit and Rachel sitting in a tree....

 Can you believe my little brother is married?!  Well, he is.  Even though he will always be that little blond haired kid running around with dump trucks and hot wheels to me, he is growing up.  Kit and his fiancĂ©, Rachel met last summer when she was dating one of Kit's best friends.  Oops, am I allowed to say that?  Well anyway, the first memory I have of him talking about her was last August.  He said that he and and his friends were watching youtube videos on how to kiss, because his friend was gonna get 'lucky' and that night and kiss his girlfriend for the first time.  I thought that was so cute.  Youtube to learn to kiss, why didn't I do that?  I just went in blind and hoped my technique would develop naturally, which btw it did ;-)  Anyway, I always knew Rachel as 'Tom's Girlfriend.' (names have been changed)  But Kit hung out with her more than Tom did.  When they broke up, Kit and Rachel were still friends.  Then Rachel announced she was moving to Idaho to go to school at BYU-I.  Kit said he had to tell her that he did like her so she didn't get swooped by some other guy.  Well, he did tell her and the rest is history.  I took their engagements last Saturday.  I took over 300 pictures!  I was definitely pictured out.  But they turned out really cute.  Enjoy!

Save the Date!!!  August 17, 2012

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