Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Toast: silver scrap metal with a smear of black fuzz, YUM!

 My Dad and Brother came to pick up my sick little car last night.  They got it home and then I get a bunch of photos that look like these.
Yikes!!!!  What happened was my timing belt was basically obliterated in to little black cotton fuzz.  I thought you changed them at 90K miles, but my dad said I should have changed it at 60K, I was currently at 85K on it.  So, everyone, go now, don't walk, RUN, go check your timing belts!  Or else this could be the fate of your little cars.  We are hoping my engine is a non-interference type, other wise, in the word of my father, "your car is toast."  Ummm, thanks, but like my toast nice and crispy with just a little bit of butter and jelly, not cold hard scrap metal with black fuzz.  So, here is hoping that the little Subby, gets to remain my vehicle and not some unappetizing breakfast item.  
This is the guy who can work some magic, hopefully!  He is also the guy who is getting married in August, and who is going to be living in our basement in a few months.  And btw, he has informed me that he 'hates Subarus.'  Well, here's hoping he and the car can get along.

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