Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Baby!

Before you get all excited by the title of this post, no, it's not my new baby.  However, I am so excited for my friends having their first baby!  Our friends who went to England with us last summer and eloped over there had some exciting news for the new year.  They are expecting in July!  It's probably a little silly how excited I am by this, but let me explain.  None of Porter's or my siblings have any children yet and neither do many friends.  This will be the first baby that feels close to us.  So in a weird way I feel like I'm going to be a pseudo aunty, and I am so excited!  I just wish I knew if it were a boy a girl so I could start buying cute baby things for it.  I think Porter is happy that I can't buy stuff yet.  He has already had to pull me away from several baby boutiques.  Little does he know, I've already started a stash of stuff or both girls and boys!  I figure at some point I'll have someone to give it to.  Hurray for tiny humans, and to new moms who go through pregnancy and birth for these tiny people.  I really just want to hold him/her right now, but I have to wait till July.

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