Monday, November 17, 2014

101 for Non-Emergencies

Tonight, I learned a new number.  Dial 101 for Non-Emergency Emergencies in England.  

We took the dogs for a great run tonight, 3 miles through Wimbledon.  When we got home the dogs were good and tired.  I jumped in the shower then made dinner.  After, we all tucked into big fluffy blankets on the sofa to watch our American shows from last week on hulu.  It was a wonderful night.

Cue: the crazy hulk like screams outside our window.

Porter and I stopped the TV and listened to the weirdest noises.  There was a man outside our front window making incredibly strange noises, coughing screaming, talking.  He was obvious very drunk.  It went on for about 5 minutes then stopped. So we turned on the the TV again (New Girl) and kept watching, assuming the person had moved on. 

I then heard a rummaging noise outside our front door.  I made Porter stop the TV.  We sat in silence as we listened to what we both knew was this person on our doorstep.  Porter got up.  He said we was going to go shoo the person away.  I was nervous.  Porter opens the door and begins to tell the guy to leave, then Porter comes back in and tells me the guy doesn't have any pants on so he gave him 2 minutes to get the &%*$ out of here.  

2 minutes go by........Porter goes back outside and the man is still there.  Porter tells him to leave and he starts arguing with Porter saying that Porter is being rude.  This goes on for a few minutes.  Meanwhile I'm googling madly the police number for the U.K.  I found it: Non-Emergency Emergency number 101.  I yelled out the door "You better go or I'm calling the police!" To which he just kept arguing with Porter.  So I called the police.  They said they would be there with in 30 minutes.  

Porter finally got the guy to walk to the side walk.  So we came in an waited.  Then we heard more noises.  Porter went back outside and the man was still there!  I was afraid that the guy might attack Porter.  But then I remembered that my husband can do this:
and I knew it would be alright.  Porter grabbed a flash light and his camera phone and took a photo for evidence.  The guys also shat his pants in our walk way and was spitting up all sorts of vile bodily fluids.  He smelt awful.  But he wasn't a homeless person.  We think was from a pub up the way.  Finally Porter got him to go up the street.

Literally 2 minutes later our door handle started to move on the front door!  We grabbed the dogs and swung the door open expecting to see the guy trying to get into our house, but it was the police.  So we gave a full report.  The police looked around and found soiled pair of pants and a spoon.  The police were great.  They were very thorough and searched the area.  The guy had gone into our neighbors front area where he had stashed a bottle of wine.  The police told him he had to go but he wouldn't.  He started getting belligerent with them and after a bit ended up getting himself arrested.  

I seriously can't believe that just happened.  I hate calling the police.  I get all shaky and my adrenaline starts going.  I also hate when Porter has to get assertive.  Although he had every right, it just makes me nervous.  Our quiet Monday night just turned into a very eventful night.  Ugh!

So 101 for Non-Emergency Emergencies and 999 for Real Emergencies.  Good numbers to know.

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