Sunday, November 16, 2014

Autumn in London

Why did Humpty Dumpty love Autumn?  He had a great Fall!  But really, how could one not love Autumn in London.  It's been absolutely gorgeous.  I took Porter up to the common for some pictures.  This one above was one of my favorites.  It been really warm, compared to Utah.  I keep over dressing.  It's been difficult for me to understand that just because it's rainy or overcast does not equal cold.  But I'm getting better.  Maybe by the end of winter I'll finally know how to dress for the weather.

I've got the house feeling better and a bit more settled.  This is most of the bits and pieces of the living room sorted.

I've bought a super fun book from a lady in Utah that helps you create your own Stitch People family portrait.  It's pretty fun.  If you like this kind of stuff check out her site here.

We love taking the dogs out in the parks and commons.  It's amazing how much green space there is here.  In the city it's pretty much an urban jungle but just a 15 minute train ride away is tons of green.  We usually take the dogs up the hill to Wimbledon Village and Wimbledon Common.  Daisy loves it up there.  She has discovered squirrels and can't chase them enough.

We hit up an Autumn festival that originated at The Globe Theatre and then moved down to the borough market.  This Green Man was fabulous.  

There was also a fun play going on.  It was a piece of Children's Theatre with lots of little vignettes taken from fairy tales and fables.  This picture is of The Musician's of Bremen. 

We took the dogs on the Tube into the city to Hyde Park.  They LOVED it!  We walked them by Kensington Palace.  Daisy wanted to go meet the Queen, and Puck just wanted to splash in the pond.  Actually, right before I took this photo, a black lab was playing in the pond and jumped out and shook all over the place.  We were unfortunately in the splash zone and got sprayed.

London is starting to feel like home.  Maybe I've said that before?  But it's weird and good all at the same time.  We are headed home to the states for a visit in a bit and both Porter and I feel like we are truly going for a visit instead of going home.  It's a new feeling for me since Utah has always been a home base for us.  However we are very excited to see friends and family back in the Salty City.

I've loved getting to know this lovely lady much better.  My friend Nicki and her husband Eric moved to London from SLC, and now they are our neighbors!  We will have our own little Utah ghetto here in Wimbledon yet, just you wait. ;)

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